Reasonable selection equipment and mold selection requirements for car stamping parts processing

Reasonable selection equipment for processing of car stamped metal products

Open analysis with many aspects such as the rushing pressure, the organization of the mold, and the height in the process of manufacturing, and combine the existing manufacturing facilities. The application of facilities is closely related to the design of the mold. The design of demand -based associated design sets the example of the associated design and determined equipment.

Assuming that the equipment manufactured equipment is small, the correlation of stamping is small, but when the specifications of mold demand are large, the facilities for selection are relatively large.

Selected the actual specifications of the proof of the mold, and selected equipment that conforms to the size of the height and the size of the leakage hole. The design of mold design needs to pay attention to these aspects: first rush the pressure and the average of the mold; secondly calculates good data and calibrate the power of the correlation; in the process of bending and other processes, for the quality of the parts, the demand is calibrated to the manufacturing process, so that the manufacturing process should be calibrated, so as to use it to use it to calibrate the manufacturing process. The manufacturing of automobile parts can be proceeded smoothly.

The body, inside institutions, and car seats of a car were manufactured by steel plates through stamping process. The manufacturing process of automotive hardware stamping parts is the foundation of the foundation of automobile manufacturing, and then it decided to take the cost -effectiveness and surface of the car body. The more intuitive one in the composition of the car is the body of the car, and it is also a one -sided composition in the car. The manufacturing process of the car is simply related to the application cycle of the car. It is promoted to the stamping technology of automobile parts. The stamping process is a tense competition in the automotive industry.

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At present, the manufacturing material of the stamping parts can be roughly divided into: hard Quality alloys, rigid hardened alloys, zinc conformal alloys, low melting point alloys, high molecular materials, aluminum bronze, etc., realize the development trends of diverse forms of stamping parts and diverse materials. In general, the manufacturing process of stamping parts is mainly determined by mold work conditions, steel species, and processing sanctions. In real processing, in order to determine the reasonable application of stamping mold manufacturing materials, discuss the multi -tension level of the stamping mold mold manufacturing link.

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Based on the material selection conditions of stamping parts mold, it is required to summarize:

(1) The mold is suitable for the environment. As auxiliary molds made by automotive, mechanical parts, etc., molds will always be accompanied by all aspects of real manufacturing. In order to avoid doubts of temporary damage to the real application of molds, when making the material selection Take off. If the mold application environment is high, the material of hard alloy and hard alloy can be used as a selection.

If the mold is applied to a strong erosive and strong oxidation environment later, the material such as polymer materials, hard alloy is used as a selection.

(2) the accuracy of mold manufacturing. During the period of reality, the stamping parts mold should be rootedAccording to the actual situation of the processing of post -stamping products, the evaluation of the processing of the product is generally evaluated.If the stamping mold is mainly used for stamping in the later stage, when the mold manufacturing is made, the quality of the naive and flexible material should be used as the product processing, including: zinc conformal alloy, low melting point alloy, etc.In order to facilitate the processing personnel, you can ask for the manufacturing period, the mold manufacturing of the hedging parts, and the accuracy of local mold accuracy.